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Female Fronted Metal Bands, Feminism and our Mission

Some people start talking about feminism when someone mentions female fronted Metal bands. There is no need for that in this case.

Photo by Pestilence Metal Music and Art. All Rights Reserved.
Elize Ryd of Amaranthe

Since Warlock’s “Burning the Witches” women have had their place in Metal music. So what are we talking about? Doro Pesch was the first woman who truly played Heavy Metal and now she’s considered as the queen of the genre. Do you think that it was a problem for anyone to accept her? No, it wasn’t.
Men, women, black, white, adult and child… Anyone can play Metal so fuck those who talk about genders. Fuck those who believes that we care about feminism.
Metal music is a beautiful thing that connects people. Have you ever seen a sold out show and looked at the audience? Hundreds and thousands of people TOGETHER. And now look at the band. That was what brought those people to the same place and that band can be Kreator but Amaranthe as well.
And actually this is our mission. We want to bring people to the same place. We want them to be together even if they are actually on a website.