If You Like Her Music, Marry Her

If You Like Her Music, Marry Her

People keep posting sexist (and nearly sexually explicit) comments on our social media posts. To be honest, it’s quite disgusting when you try to focus on music. People – especially older males – need to learn the difference between sex and music.

Madeleine Liljestam and Lena Scissorhands are well known female metal vocalists who are also alternative models. Some photos of them are probably “hotter” than the average but we are not intended to post those photos because of those ladies’ sexiness and look. But unfortunately some people keep forgetting that we actually deal with metal music. Do they follow us because of those “hot chicks”? We’re followed by more than 7000 people on Instagram. The 73% of them are men and ONLY 27% of them are women.

Fact: the most of our Instagram followers are men.

It’s quite interesting. Isn’t it.  The question is that how many of those men listen to metal.
Women have been supposed to be beautiful since the prehistoric times but when we talk about the women of metal we should forget about their beauty and look and care about their musicianship a little bit.
At the age of 45, Cristina Scabbia is a beautiful and pretty lady but I’ll never forget the first Lacuna Coil show I attended because it was Cristina who impressed me the most. She is breathtakingly talented. And I could also mention Elize Ryd. I guess we all know that she’s one of the prettiest female metal vocalists. But who cares about that when it is so good to see how much she enjoys her concerts with Amaranthe?
Why does a man attend an Arch Enemy show? Because he wants to marry Alissa White-Gluz? No, he doesn’t. It sounds ridiculous. It’s because he likes that band’s music and would like to see them. And maybe he will meet and speak to other Arch Enemy fans. I guess that is called socializing.

Alissa White-Gluz has been touring with Arch Enemy for months. It would be impossible for her to be a housewife.

I don’t know why we care about genders when we talk about music. What’s the difference between Angela Gossow and Johan Hegg?
Well it looks like I’m in a strange situation because I’m a man. I listen to The Charm The Fury almost every day so I should have a crush on Caroline Westendorp just because I like her  music. The problem is that I don’t know her personally. As a fellow musician, I respect her musicianship but I’m not in love with her. C’mon guys. That would be childish.

Photo by Valerie Schuster