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The Misunderstood Term: Female Fronted Metal

"The Misunderstood Term: Female Fronted Metal" on Metal Goddesses.

Many people believe that the term of female fronted metal is wrong and there’s no such subgenre of metal. But who said that female fronted metal is a musical genre? Yeah there are lots of ridiculous terms such as space metal and trance metal, but these aren’t subgenres. These are just terms to describe someone’s unique musical style.

The term of “female fronted metal” is used to describe a band and its lineup. Some bands are different than others because they don’t have the lineup that heavy metal fans have been used to since Black Sabbath’s debut album. The difference is that these bands are fronted by women and that’s it. What does that mean? They aren’t better or worse than male fronted metal bands because of their lead vocalists.

Talent and success are genderless. It is possible to exist a female fronted thrash metal band that’s better than the male fronted ones. And it is possible to create a playlist that includes Killswitch Engage and The Charm The Fury. They’re both metalcore bands and TCTF’s music is not worse than KSE. They’re just not that popular.

What does musical genre mean? Musical genres are used to categorize songs by style, not by gender although female vocals don’t sound like male vocals. But in some cases, they’re better. Can you imagine a symphonic metal song with male vocals? Well that would be horrible. And what about extreme metal? Well I’ve heard so many breathtaking death growls by women. Females have the same lungs, throats etc. as males. So why not?

People need to forget about genders when they listen to music. Men and women are both capable for the same things. Everything depends on talent. But in reality, female fronted bands are still different than male fronted bands if you just look at the members of bands.

Cover image by SteveHNo96 on DeviantArt