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Evanescence to release Synthesis Live

Last November, Evanescence released their “Synthesis” album featuring recreations of their most famous songs with orchestral arrangements and electronic elements. Promoting their newest work, the band embarked on the Synthesis Tour accompanied by an orchestra on stage.

Now, the fans of Evanescence will be able to relieve the unique experience over and over. The show recorded at the Grand Theater at Foxwoods Casino on November 3, 2017, will be released on a CD, DVD and Blu-Ray called “Synthesis Live”.



1. “Overture”
2. “Never Go Back”
3. “Lacrymosa”
4. “The End of the Dream”
5. “My Heart Is Broken”
6. “Lithium”
7. “Bring Me to Life”
8. “Unraveling (Interlude)”
9. “Imaginary”
10. “Secret Door”
11. “Hi-Lo”
12. “Lost in Paradise”
13. “Your Star”
14. “My Immortal”
15. “The In-between (Piano Solo)”
16. “Imperfection”
17. “Speak to Me”
18. “Good Enough”
19. “Swimming Home”

Check out the trailer below. “Synthesis Live” comes out October 12.