Delain have announced a new drummer

Last October, Delain announced that they are going separate ways with their drummer Ruben Israel. Yesterday, they welcomed their new permanent drummer Joey de Boer, who’s been filling in for Ruben live since his departure, to the Delain family. 

Besides Delain, Joey is also a member of Purest Of Pain (melodic death metal band of Delain’s guitarist Merel Bechtold) and alternative pop band MAYÍN.

Purest Of Pain featuring Delain’s Merel Bechtold and Joey de Boer.

Joey comes from a musical family – his father is a professional drummer and mother a professional singer. He started playing the drums when he was 6 but stopped his lessons after a year. “I didnʼt practice too much. I just wanted to play along with the songs that I liked,” he said in an interview for Lyrical Spell Magazine. After that, it took him a few years to get back to drumming. He took drum lessons from Texture’s Stef Broks when he was 12 and went to a pre-school for the conservatory of Rotterdam at the age of 16. He studied pop drums at Codarts Rotterdam – University of the Arts and passed his final exams on August 30, performing with his old-new bandmates in Delain and MAYÍN.