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Sisters Of Suffocation – Humans Are Broken (Music Video)

Dutch death metal outfit Sisters Of Suffocation unveils a music video for the title track of their upcoming album “Humans Are Broken“. The album will be out March 1st via Napalm Records, containing eleven new tracks and two bonus tracks. You can see the video for “Humans Are Broken” below.

“We are very excited to present to you all: the official video for our new single ‘Humans are Broken’! This song is representative of our new album (also entitled ‘Humans are Broken’) in many ways: The mix of brutality, melody and different genres music-wise, and the engagement with issues in contemporary society lyric-wise. The video functions as a visual counterpart to our reflection on who we are as humans, how we interact with each other and our place in this world,” comments the band.

The track was recorded and produced by Martin Furia, who also contributed a solo that can be heard on the track. The mix and mastering was done by V.O. Pulver. See the video below.