Symfobia unveiled details of their new album

Slovak symphonic metal band Symfobia has unveiled the tracklist and release date of their second studio album “Smog Of Tomorrow”. Find details below.

Symfobia’s debut album “Way Of The Queen” with Erika Strečková on vocals came out in April 2015. In January 2017, Petra Hasarová joined the band as the second vocalist. The band has announced Petra Hasarová’s decision to leave Symfobia in mid-January 2019 and welcomed the new vocalist Simona Janovičová just a few days later. Throughout their career, Symfobia has shared the stage with bands such as Nightwish, Therion and Arch Enemy.

Their second album “Smog Of Tomorrow” will be released on March 2nd. The album features 12 songs, some already familiar to fans from live shows or previously released as singles/music videos. Lyric-wise, “Smog Of Tomorrow” is rich in metaphors referring to visions of the right approach to life, warning about diseases of modern days such as a loss of critical thinking, addiction to modern conveniences and careless destruction of our environment. Musically, orchestral arrangements play a dominant role on the new album, along with exquisite guitar solos and a professional vocal choir. You can see the album artwork painted by Svetozár Košický and full tracklist below.

The vocalist Erika Strečková with the original painting of “Smog Of Tomorrow” album cover.

1. Intro+Hungry
2. Bury It
3. Atlantis
4. I’m Waiting
5. Into the Night
6. From the Ashes
7. Smog of Tomorrow
8. Dust
9. Everything’s Possible
10. Flowing
11. From Survivor To Creator
12. Človek

Below, you can find a live version of ” Everything’s Possible” and the title track: