Metal Goddesses Awards – The Best Instrumentalist of 2018: Merel Bechtold

Merel Bechtold (born: February 27, 1992) is a Dutch guitarist, best known for her work with different symphonic metal bands such as Delain. She started playing guitar in 2007 at the age of fifteen. Half a year later she founded the band Purest of Pain, in which she plays lead guitar. Over the next two years, she began to play in larger, international events and festivals with bands like Suicide Silence, Unearth, MaYaN, Grave, All Shall Perish, Delain and others. In 2013, she released the single Momentum and in 2014 she starred at the large metal festival Wacken Open Air.



At the end of 2012, Bechtold performed her first performance with Delain. In 2013, for the first time, she filled in for Timo Somers, Delain’s main guitarist. During the same period, she performed several concerts with the Purest of Pain group. In October 2014, she was contacted by Isaac Delahaye (Epica, ex-MaYaN) who had to leave MaYaN for other priorities. She played with them at two concerts in January 2015 as his replacement. At the second concert, the band asked her to become a permanent member.

In the summer of 2014, she became part of Anneke van Giersbergen’s The Gentle Storm. She then played several concerts with Delain alongside Somers. In 2015, she again accompanied Delain at other concerts with Sabaton. From October 2015, Bechtold officially became a permanent member of Delain. In March 2018, Purest Of Pain’s debut album “Solipsis” came finally out.

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Source: Wikipedia
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Valerie Schuster