Progressive metal band KOSM to release a video game inspired EP in June

Vancouver based progressive metal band KOSM shares details on their new EP “Eyes on the Inside” inspired by a popular video action role-playing game Bloodborne.

The band with lead singer Jessie Grace has been around since 2016 and already made a name for themselves in the Vancouver metal scene. Their music style is for fans of The Agonist, Tool, Periphery and Gojira. In 2018, they released their debut concept album “Cosmonaut”, which was inspired by HP Lovecraft stories. To follow their debut album, KOSM announced the release of the EP “Eyes on the Inside”, which will be out on June 28. This time, it is inspired by the video game Bloodborne.

The band comments on the album: “We really set out to give people what they were asking of us, we all feel it’s going to be received incredibly well. On top of that, this is 100% for all the Bloodborne fans that trolled us into oblivion last year, so we hope that they love it just as much as the fans of progressive metal do! It’s heavier, trickier, and more concise with obvious nods to our biggest influences including Tool, Mastodon and Gojira.”

Earlier this June, KOSM released a lyric video for the first single off the new EP titled “Yharnam”. Watch the video below: