The Tex Avery Syndrome to release new album “Origin” in October

German modern metal/hardcore group The Tex Avery Syndrome announce the release of their first full-length studio album. It’s titled “Origin” and drops on October 4. Find more info below.

The Frankfurt-based five-piece surrounding power-frontlady Laura Gierl have borrowed their band name from the legendary American cartoonist Tex Avery.  In terms of music, the band is hurtling down the highway between modern metal and hardcore in an open convertible on the fast lane, picking up some classic rock influences here and there as they go.

Following their successful debut EP “Wolfcity” (Finest Noise, 2015), The Tex Avery Syndrom are now presenting their highly anticipated first full-length album “Origin”. Electrifying guitar riffs, punchy basslines and raving beats; on the microphone one of the most brutal female voices to be found in the German metal underground: The Tex Avery Syndrome show an infallible sense for melodies, rhythmics and dynamic songwriting, keeping up tension and surprising the listener throughout all of the twelve tracks on “Origin”.

See the artwork and tracklist below:


01. Long Desert Run
02. Circle Around The Sun
03. Pendulum
04. Life Is For The Living
05. Disillusion
06. Pulling Teeth (feat. Brock Lindow)
07. Closure
08. All Is Not Lost (feat. Carl Schwartz)
09. Warflower
10. Rage Gene
11. Sangre De Mi Padre
12. Betrayer

Listen to the banger “Rage Gene” from The Tex Avery Syndrome’s upcoming album: