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Infected Rain unveil new album details, release new single

Moldova's extreme metal stars Infected Rain unveil details of their long-awaited fourth studio album "Endorphin" and release a lyric video for a new single "Storm".
Moldova’s extreme metal stars Infected Rain unveil details of their long-awaited fourth studio album “Endorphin” and release a lyric video for a new single “Storm”.

Infected Rain’s upcoming studio album “Endorphin” features 10 new tracks and will be released on October 18, 2019 via Napalm Records. The band says: “We are extremely happy to present our fourth album “Endorphin”, which is very important to us in many ways. Although it is our fourth album, it is the first one that is being released with Napalm Records and we cannot be grateful enough for their professionalism, support and guidance during the creation of this album.”

They continue: “The result of hard work and many sleepless nights, “Endorphin” has become not only a music album, but a true confession box in which we poured all of our deepest feelings and emotions. The cover of the album, being seemingly dark, reflects our eternal love for music and the stage. The black hands symbolize our band as we present the audience with our heart, with the strongest and sincerest emotions that we convey through our songs. The wire wrapped around the hands and the heart is an almost literal representation of our love for the stage, as we feel connected to it all the time and it plays an indispensable role in our lives. “

What does the album title stand for? “The name of the album, “Endorphin”, emblematizes how we feel about music, our fans and supporters, just like this hormone induces the feeling of happiness in people, we find ourselves truly happy to perform for our audience and we want to share this feeling of euphoria with each and every one of them,” explains the band, adding: “We are absolutely grateful to all the people who support us, for their love and constant encouragement is a proof that what we do is worth doing. Unlike many other bands nowadays, we regard our music not as a marketable product, but as a way of doing what we love and sharing it with all the people who are willing to become part of our world. We would never have been able to be where we are, to be who we are without our faithful fans and we are proud to say that we have always been and will always be true to ourselves and to them.”

You can see the album cover and tracklist below:


01. The Earth Mantra
02. Black Gold
03. Symphony of Trust
04. Pendulum
05. Passerby
06. Lure
07. Victims
08. Walking Dead
09. Taphephobia
10. Storm

“Storm is very different from what we did before. It is an insanely emotional song with really soft melody to it,“ the band comments on the latest single. “This song is about the continuous search. It is about the painful path towards the perfect harmony. Harmony between the world and people, between nature and humans, and most importantly, the harmony between two souls. Two lost souls that are trying to find one another.” Watch the lyric video for “Storm”:

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