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Temperance -My Demons Can’t Sleep (Music Video)

Italian symphonic metal quintet Temperance unveiled a new single and video for “My Demons Can’t Sleep” off of their upcoming album “Viridian”.

The song deals with a topic a lot of people can relate to: the demons everyone has inside themselves and the daily fights and struggles which often stay concealed from the outside. 

The video was shot in the 14th-century castle of Verrés. Inside, there is a young woman “trapped” within the castle and her demons. When the chorus breaks in, the woman walks outside, towards a white horse which is supposed to be a symbol of freedom, hope and self-empowerment.  

Marco Pastorino, singer and guitarist, comments: “You asked for the classic TEMPERANCE sound… so here we go! “My Demons Can’t Sleep” is probably the first song we wrote for Viridian; a very catchy track with a great guitar riff and also a nice interaction between our three voices. Definitely one of the most melodic tracks of the album, it will surely be an anthem for our live shows! The lyrics were written by Michele and it’s one of my favorites in the album. He talks about our daily troubles and fears, but in the end, with our inner strength, we can change everything.”

Temperance’s new album “Viridian” drops on January 24th via Napalm Records.


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