Kiara Laetitia to release a calendar and book

Kiara Laetitia, rock singer and founder of the London label Musicarchy Media, simultaneously publishes a calendar for 2020 and a book, both with the title “Never Give Up”. See more details below.

Calendar cover

The photographer is Alessandro Quadrelli (Hardline, Ian Gillan, Ian Paice, Paul Gilbert, Kee Marcelo and more) with partnership of Area 51 (Vignole Borbera) and Associazione Culturale DB (Busto Arsizio), showcasing 13 shots (12 months plus the cover) of Kiara Laetitia in her natural environment – the stage and the studio. never give up create_ENG-page-001

The book “NEVER GIVE UP The Real Secrets of the Music Industry” will be published in English and Italian and it is one of the first books to shed some light on the music industry today, with practical advice and a simple yet effective approach. “This book is not a manual for success”, explains Laetitia, “but rather a state of the music industry that every artist should know to start a sustainable career in today’s music biz.” 

“NEVER GIVE UP The Real Secrets of the Music Industry” contains advice for independent musicians who either are looking for a record deal or want to release their music on their own. Advice is given by Kiara Laetitia, who also exclusively interviewed several international musicians (Ministry, Lordi, Powerman 5000 and more), manager and promoter, that give their point of view.

Part of the profits of both the calendar and the book will be donated to mental health awareness and to help people suffering from depression, panic attacks etc. find the help they need.

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