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TVINNA – The Gore (Music Video)

International project Tvinna releases a new single called ”The Gore”. Watch the video for their debut below.

TVINNA is an international band founded by Laura Fella (Faun), Fiona Rüggeberg (Faun) and Fieke van den Hurk (musician/producer for a.o. Eivør, Omnia, Cesair), featuring Eluveitie’s Fabienne Erni as a guest. 

Mysterious chorus, pale colours creating a magical, surrealistic atmosphere…. Together, Laura, Fiona and Fieke are transforming the core of the female soul into music to strengthen, to comfort and to awaken what has been made to slumber. 

Tvinna tells about the new single: “The Gore” tells you about Life. The life that runs through our veins, which is carrying our past, our present and our future along with it. With this song we reflect on our everlasting connectedness, this unescapable secret of Nature that we carry deep within ourselves. The song is telling of the lives, the loves and the sufferings of those before us – our mothers, our sisters, our fathers and our brothers – and about where we may find their traces. It is the connection between every single one of us – a song about the blood that soaks our earth.” 

“The Gore” has been the first song that the three of us – Fieke, Fiona and Laura – wrote together and therefore the first song that was brought to life by putting our three hearts and souls into it. As the song deals with a topic which is both so intricate and huge as our interconnectedness, we are curiously looking forward to experience what will be awakened in those hearing and watching “The Gore”.”  

The band comments on the video: “Picturizing “The Gore“ was a decision we made pretty early – actually while still deeply into the songwriting phase – as we already felt that this song was very close to our hearts. Creating the video in Denmark together with Icelandic filmmaker Gaui H has been an incredibly intensive, sometimes even surreal and challenging experience – all in beautiful ways, and we are very proud of the result. We did our own location scouting, wrote the script and handcrafted most of the props you can see in the video by ourselves – so we could show as much of TVINNA as possible. The biggest challenge, a particularly important one to us, has been reflecting the interconnectedness of nature and life which „The Gore“ is about. It turned out to also tell a very personal story about the entangling within TVINNA, the bonding between ourselves as a band with this very first song we are releasing.” 

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