“It’s going to be an uplifting, inspiring album.” – Interview with Liv Kristine

Norwegian siren with a voice like no other, Liv Kristine, has announced her great return! The singer and songwriter best known for her work with Theatre Of Tragedy and Leave’s Eyes is ready to take over 2020. Liv is not looking back anymore, all she sees is a bright future full of love and positivity. And, of course, new music. Read about her upcoming album and more in our new interview below.

MG: Liv, you’ve gone through many changes recently. You’ve moved, found new love and label… It seems like life’s been finally treating you right. How do you see all these changes? Are you finally in the right place now?

Liv: It feels so good to finally have arrived. My family is doing really well living in a beautiful place in the old town in the south-west of Germany. We will head northwards in a few years. These positive changes were important to start all anew after a few ups and downs. It feels like a new chapter. And yes, I’ve opened up my heart and found the love of my life. Mikkel is such a beautiful, warm-hearted man and we will marry in the spring. We’re just one energetic frequency, and I’m experiencing with and through him that love is so uncomplicated and beautiful because we just have that drama-free connection in which both of us love unconditionally and give love to the other in a completely honest and open-minded way. True love is the granted freedom to be the truest, most honest and passionate version of yourself, moreover, true love is passion and deep support from the heart in whatever situation. We both knew from the very first moment we met in April this year. He has helped me open up so many doors and possibilities through his knowledge in the music business as well.

MG: You’ve revealed some news about solo stuff. A new single is on the way and, hopefully, a full album will follow in 2020. Could you reveal some details of what’s to come? The direction, themes…

Liv: The album will be out in 2020, probably in a year’s time. The composer is Tommy Olsson from Norway, who also composed “Aegis” for Theatre of Tragedy, an album I really love. The musical direction will be between “Aegis” and my last solo album “Vervain”. The themes around the concept will be based on personal experience during my last twenty years. It’s going to be an uplifting, inspiring album about the big, deep feelings, moreover, about letting go of fear and twofold, suppressing relationships.

MG: Your new single is titled “Skylight”. Could you tell us more about it? Will there be a music video?

Liv: The first edition of the single will be a special edition for my December show in Nagold, Germany. It’s my eighth time playing on this stage and I would like to give my faithful audience a special experience. These days we are planning a music clip for “Skylight” or “Gravity”, the two songs being released on the single. There will be an official single release early next year.

76793128_2468901980033593_6303182549208268800_nMG: You’ve also presented a new logo. It includes leaves, which could represent blooming, the birth of something new. Could we say this means a completely new beginning for you? A clean slate?

Liv: Yes, the leaves represent a new, blooming beginning. A clean slate – I couldn’t have said it better myself. The leaves have always carried a special symbolic meaning for me, like when founding Leaves’ Eyes. Back in 2003, Chris Lukhaup and I started making music together, him coming up with ideas for a new, common project. It was a new beginning for me and I thank him for having faith in my talent. Then Leaves’ Eyes came to life as a complete band. We are still in touch after all these years and I miss his gentle, extraordinary bass lines and ideas.

MG: Throughout the years, you’ve participated in many various projects covering a number of different musical genres. They’re all unique and surely dear to your heart for different reasons. What is it that connects them all? What is it that speaks to you and makes you accept offers to collaborate with other artists? What is that one element you look for and need in music?

Liv: Music is a passion to me. It doesn’t matter if it’s a band from the other side of the world asking me to sing on their demo tape, or if it would be Ozzy, the Prince of Darkness. I don’t mind singing as long as I like the music and they’re not involved in any extreme political views. It has to be passionate and honest, that’s all.

MG: Some years ago, you collaborated with Anneke van Giersbergen and Kari Rueslatten on The Sirens. Will this project return at some point? Hopefully, it’s not completely over yet. That would be such a shame.

Liv: The times with The Sirens were great! I enjoy thinking back on the shows we did together and how much joy our audiences expressed during our gigs. However, this is a closed chapter. We are all there busy ladies with families and own businesses and daily jobs.

MG: I’ve read that you also met up with your former Theatre of Tragedy bandmates last year and spoke about a possible reunion. Any news on that?

Liv: We met last December for a chat over beers about getting together again. I miss the guys and there’s such a good connection and vibration concerning a reunion. I wouldn’t mind sharing a stage with Nell, the female singer who followed in my footsteps. She did a great job and we would surely be a good duet live. The situation is not that easy, though. All members are spread around the world momentarily, I actually don’t know how to solve this practically and geographically right now, none of us does.

MG: Let’s talk about another band you’re a part of. Midnattsol alongside your sister Carmen. Any new releases with them? Or, maybe, some upcoming shows?

Liv: My family will visit Norway for Christmas. Carmen will tell me, I’m sure. There are no plans about up-coming shows yet.

MG: Speaking of shows, you haven’t been on tour for a while. The only upcoming show is on December 20 in Nagold, Germany. The concert in Nagold is like a Christmas tradition for you. Why is it so special for you and can fans hope for more shows soon?

Liv: As already mentioned, it’s my eight show in Nagold this December. My band has started to rehearse and I will present a brand new setlist. It has become a Christmas tradition and the venue is a very special one, with both seated and standing audiences. This year I will bring along my friend Anette Guldbrandsen, who’s voice can be heard on a few Leaves’ Eyes releases. After the show, there will be a meet and greet, especially for new merchandise and the special edition single of “Skylight”. (You can get your tickets here.)

71302009_2418666081723850_121902639423160320_nMG: You are also very passionate about painting. What, besides music, inspires you to create your pieces of art?

Liv: True. Painting is also a passion to me. Music to me consists of colours, moving lines and light. That’s why I paint passionately. It’s about music and colours, coming together in one aesthetic, creative space. I want to evoke deep emotions and special moments. I also paint if you request a special theme or choice of colours. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – I’d love painting for you! You’ll find my latest works and the contact information on my facebook page, Liv Kristine Official.

MG: With Christmas just around the corner, what do you like about this holiday season the most? What’s your typical Christmas like? I believe to be surrounded by your dear ones is the most important thing to you. Am I right?


Liv: Yes, my beautiful dear family. My fiance, my son and our two dogs will drive the whole way to Norway to gather with the Norwegian family for Christmas and New Year. Then we will spend a few days with my fiancé’s lovely family. Christmas is to me time for family and friends gatherings, delicious food, nice drinks and joy for the children.

MG: Sounds lovely. To finish off, do you have any message for your fans?

Liv: I can’t wait to present my new songs, composed by Tommy, as mentioned above! I can’t wait to play a few shows next year. My booker in Russia already contacted me, moreover, we have a handful of special invitations to play live. I thank you for staying with me in good and less good times – you are the best fans and supporters in the universe. You’re the reason for me still loving what I’m doing as an artist.

MG: Thank you very much, Liv. We wish you all the best for the rest of 2019 and an amazing 2020!

Liv: I thank you from the heart, moreover, all the best wishes for you, my world-wide fantastic supporters, your families and dearest ones. 2020 will be a very special year filled with good news and new music!


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