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Floor Jansen unveils a collaboration with War Child Holland organisation

Dutch singer and vocalist of the symphonic metal band Nightwish just unveiled her collaboration with War Child Holland. The organisation helps children who are victims of war with so-called psycho-social help through music, play and friendly interaction with other children. Listen to the title song for a new documentary sung by Floor below.

For the 75th anniversary of the liberation from the Nazis, War Child will release a documentary featuring famous Dutch people who speak about their childhood during and after the Second World War.

Floor Jansen sings the title track “De Beelden Blijven” (The Images Remain) for the documentary. Floor Jansen says: “Especially since I am a mother myself, stories about children in such areas touch me even more.  I feel like I can’t help the atrocities. But I can now!”

Floor also asked her fans and followers to translate the song in other languages so the message can be spread even further. Till now, the song has been translated into about 20 languages including Persian, Norwegian, Afrikaans and Turkish.

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