Read what's happening with Metal Goddesses Media Association.
  • Metal Goddesses Says Goodbye to Spotify Playlists
    You probably know about our “Metal Goddesses” monthly Spotify playlists that are filled with the best from the women of metal. We have recently decided that we will no longer release our series due to lack of interest.“We started our playlist series as an addition to our Instagram fan page in September, 2017. The first ones were quite successful but after awhile people started ignoring them although two of them was featured on the Russian industrial metal band Conflict’s official website. It looks like our efforts weren’t enough for the audience but we even created cover images for each playlist and asked for permissions of different photographers to use their pictures. Now that we’re officially a news and media website/webzine we don’t really have time to deal with Spotify so after 13 regular and 2 special edition playlists it’s time to stop and say goodbye.”If you liked our playlists don’t worry. We will focus on only one playlist in the future. It will be updated with the newest and hottest singles from the women of metal every weekend. Are you curious? Check it out here.
  • Metal Goddesses Reaches 10000 Followers on Instagram
    If you have read our story you probably know that we used to be an Instagram fan page that transformed into a news portal/webzine/blog so we care about social media a bit more than others. We are happy to announce that “Metal Goddesses” reached 10000 followers on Instagram on September 26, 2018. We would like to thank everyone who has joined us and especially those who have been following us since the beginning. We are also grateful for the attention of the artists/bands, such as Federica Lanna, Michalina Malisz, Elize Ryd, Lacuna Coil, Kobra and the Lotus and many more. We truly hope that everyone has enjoyed the journey with us but nothing has come to an end yet.
  • Valerie Schuster Becomes the Photographer of Metal Goddesses
    We are happily announcing that Valerie Schuster became the photographer of “Metal Goddesses” in August, 2018. The Munich based photographer is known for her incredible pictures of different metal bands such as Delain, Arch Enemy and Xandria. She also has a  quite popular Instagram account with almost 12000 followers. “We published two of Valerie Schuster’s photosets in September and we’re looking forward to post more. The Autumn is filled with great bands’ European tours such as Kamelot, Butcher Babies and Infected Rain so I am sure Valerie will have some amazing photos soon.”If you like Valerie’s photos, keep an eye on “Metal Goddesses” because you never know when we publish her next breathtaking photoset.
  • Metal Goddesses Media Association to Welcome Their New Author
    We are proudly announce that Giorgia Fedrigo officially became our new author today. The Italian lady will help us sharing female metal news with you from now on. Giorgia used to work for a university radio station where she had a rock/metal program so the world of media is familiar to her. And what a surprise. She is also a bassist so she has a passion for the things of the women in metal and rock. And foremost, she is amazingly good at writing articles. “Things has been exciting lately and I can say that Metal Goddesses is growing faster than ever. But I can imagine our future with Giorgia even if she needs to learn a lot. Maybe we’ll be better, maybe not, but we trust her because she’s insanely talented. I am sure she will add more than a few simple articles to our website so we need her.” Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Signorina Fedrigo and look for her articles on our website in the future.