Be Under Arms

Be Under Arms discography, background information and more on Metal Goddesses.

Be Under Arms is a Russian metalcore/groove metal/melodic death metal band from Moscow, Russia, formed in 2013. Outstanding features of the band is an English language military texts and social topics, and the tandem of male and female vocals, a dystopian atmosphere and a modern urbania. Be Under Arms has three full length albums and already has played three European tours. They performed on stage with Caliban, Black Bomb A, Deathember, Infected Rain, Sonic Syndicate, Jinjer, Save, Nu-Nation and many others.

Current members

  • Vladimir “Szandor” Nasonov – vocals
  • Anna “White Queen” Logacheva – vocals
  • Vitaliy Eremeev – guitars
  • Stanislav Shtrih – guitars
  • Dmitriy Kashirin – bass
  • Denis “John Doe” Vinitskiy – drums


Studio albums

  • Let Shots Will Be Your Music (2014)
  • Doomed to Life (2016)
  • Evil Tales of the Northern Country (2017)


  • Way of the Bullet (2013)
  • Panem Et Circenses (2013)
  • Locked and Bound (2015)
  • Good Soldier – Dead Soldier (2016)
  • The Long Walk (2017)

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