Myrkur discography, background information and more on Metal Goddesses.

Quick Facts

  • Formed in: 2013
  • Origin: New York City, NY, United States/Denmark
  • Years active: 2013-present
  • Genre: black metal
  • Lyrical themes: darkness, death
  • Current record label: Relapse Records

Myrkur is the black metal musical project of Danish musician Amalie Bruun. Initially the real-life identity of the person behind the project was kept unknown, however her identity has since been made public. Myrkur has released two full-length studio albums to significant critical acclaim, as well as a live album and one EP. Her most recent album, Mareridt, was released on September 15, 2017 through Relapse Records.

Current members 

  • Amalie Bruun – vocals, various instruments (2014-present)


Studio albums

  • M (2015)
  • Mareridt (2017)

Live albums

  • Mausoleum (2016)

Extended plays

  • Myrkur (2014)

Source: Wikipedia

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