Kobra And The Lotus – Losing My Humanity (Single)

The Canadian Kobra And The Lotus recently released their new single “Losing My Humanity”. Kobra Paige and her band are about to release their fifth full length album, “Prevail II”. Pre-oreder it here.

The band’s frontwoman Kobra Paige on their new single:

28337441_10155649666466633_2434917732917299317_o“The lyrics in the bridge in ‘Losing My Humanity’ were primarily inspired by Bullying. If you stand there, watch it, and do nothing, it makes you the same. ‪It’s so important to teach kids curiosity because they’re the impressionable ones with the chance. Curiosity is a precious virtue. Judgement is part of our nature but surely to goddess we can help set the next beings coming up with a more open mind. I hope for less scar tissue from bullying for the coming generations. Schools still need much better support and awareness systems. Many kids play out reflections of the problems faced at home in a school based hierarchy. Everyone guilty, no one to blame.”

Now click play and enjoy.
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Source: Spotify, Facebook
Photos by Nat Enemede