“Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re not good enough.” – Interview with Raven of Raven Black

Raven Black is a 4-piece theatrical metal outfit based out of Los-Angeles, CA. The band combines heavy riffs with a “dark carnival” theme to create a uniquely exciting sound. Heading up the outfit is namesake Raven, whose small stature belies her thunderous vocal power. Alternating between a Lolita-esque simper and a full-throated scream, Raven switches up not only the props she wields onstage but the vocal style she uses throughout the set. Metal Goddesses caught up with Raven in Baltimore this past weekend, after they opened for Wednesday 13 and extreme metal titans Cradle of Filth.

MG: Hello! I’m here with Raven of Raven Black.

Raven: Hi!

MG: Raven, we just saw you at your Baltimore show. How many more shows have you got left?

Raven: We have 9 more shows.

MG: Can you tell our readers a little about how you got your start in music?

Raven Black 3
Source: Cruella Photography, Facebook

Raven: My husband and I – he’s the drummer, Muppet- we were playing in different bands, but not metal bands. But we both love metal, so we sat down one day and said, “Why are we not in a metal band?” So we did, and two weeks later we won a battle of the bands with a couple of friends and got to work with Logan Maynard.  He’s produced for Five Finger Death Punch. From there we went on to play a couple of shows locally in Los Angeles, ended up meeting [producer] Ulrich Wild, and the rest is history. My vision in madness, my dark metal carnival, just came to life! We’ve been touring for two years with our current lineup of me, Stitches, the Doctor and Muppet. We’ve been very lucky, very fortunate to support some big bands. Our first tour was in October 2016 with Mushroomhead, and it’s been amazing to be out supporting Wednesday 13 and Cradle of Filth. We recently got signed by Oracle Management, and our booking agency M7. We’re all about female-fronted metal… the power of female metal is really dominant now and I’m really excited to be a part of it.

MG: We’re so happy to have you here in the scene and it was really cool to see your show.

Raven: Thank you!

MG: So the “Dark Carnival” theme was your brainchild?

Raven: Yes, all my favorite things blended together. A little bit of black metal, death metal, thrash metal, some glam/goth metal, and the duality of being both feminine and masculine. Being sweet and kind and nurturing as a woman, and the viciousness of our emotions and our passion. I hope I express that in our music and our lyrics.

MG: You definitely bring that dynamic to the stage, in a real way.

Raven: Thank you.

MG: What is your vision for the future of Raven Black? Where would you like to go and who are some artists you’d like to work with, or tour with, in the future?

Raven Black 4
“7 Sins” EP. Source: Facebook

Raven: Of course, one of my biggest idols is Maria Brink of In this Moment. We love Avatar, we’d love to be out with Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Metallica of course. Alice Cooper, you name it. Some of the greats! Basically, we love touring, we love performing and we love being out with our fans. We’re going to keep touring and growing, along with our fan base.

MG: What would you say to the young, female musicians who are just getting their start in music, looking up to you right now and saying “Wow, I want to go into metal and be just like her!”?

MG: Awesome! Last question: what would you say to the young, female musicians who are just getting their start in music, looking at you right now and saying “Wow, I want to go into metal and be just like her!”

Raven: I’d tell them vocal training and keeping up your good health are important. Touring is very tough on the vocals, so definitely use your training and your technique so you don’t blow out your voice. Choose band members who are fully committed like you are, and you’ve got to give it 150%. It’s tough out there for female-fronted bands. Just be yourself, be who you are, do what you love, be passionate about it. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, or not pretty enough. Just be you, just do you.

You can catch Raven Black on tour with Wednesday 13 and Cradle of Filth through April 2019!
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