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Morphide announce Debut Album “Anhedonia” for September 2022 and share a new One-Take Vocal Video

Latvian metal band Morphide have announced the release of their debut album Anhedonia, due on 9 September, and shared their vocal one-take video for their recent song “Panopticon”.

Anhedonia is a 9-track album focused on human personality and relationships between individuals and their own feelings. Eissa, vocalist for Morphide, commented on the band’s forthcoming release. “We are so excited to finally release our first album! We have been working on it for the past three years, and multiple issues caused by the pandemic make the release even more anticipating for us.”

The band has also had a chance to work with an ARIA nominated and internationally renowned producer and mixer Forrester Savell. “We are so delighted for such an opportunity. Forrester was able to truly feel our songs and bring them to another level.”

One-take performance video for “Panopticon” showcases Eissa’s wide range of vocals and demonstrates free switches from clean to extreme vocal techniques. The band wanted to be 100% honest and therefore hasn’t used any doubles or edits on their one-take version.

Anhedonia Track List:

  1. Aftermath
  2. Mayhem
  3. Catharsis
  4. Queen of Blame
  5. We are one
  6. Enter the Storm
  7. Akeneo
  8. Panopticon
  9. Cromulent






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