Aeva Maurelle and Maxi Nil join forces in a new project She & Her Darkness

Aeva Maurelle and  Maxi Nil have joined forces for a new metal album project She & Her Darkness.

Maxi Nil is an Athenian singer-songwriter, performer and vocal coach. Being in the music industry for almost 20 years (ex-Elysion,Visions Of Atlantis…), Maxi has toured the world and shared the stage with a few of the biggest names of the rock/metal scene. Filled with experience and drive she decided to focus on a brand new project and this is when Jaded Star was born. The second full length album is set to be released  in October 2020. Being the vocal coach of the winning team at “The Voice Of Greece” and one of the vocal coaches at BBC’s Show “Just The 2 Of Us” have established Maxi as one of the most inspiring and promising voice teachers of her generation.

In the last couple of years, Aeva Maurelle was the lead singer of Aeverium and shared the stage with Xandria. She toured with Kamelot where she sang the female parts and recorded a ballad with Nachblut. Her cross over nature is driven by passion, aesthetics and a sense of mysterious fantasy! As soon as she enters the stage her gentle temper turns into thrilling ecstasy. She just loves extremes. She consciously combines the classical sounds of her pure soprano with the necessary dose of ass kicking rock n roll.

Maurelle and Nil will lend their voices to a brand new orchestral metal album released under the name She & Her Darkness. All music and lyrics were written by Nicole Christoforou, arranged and produced by Bob Katsionis. Debut single is coming out in October.

You can listen to a preview below:


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