Fernanda Lira and Luana Dametto have left Nervosa

Bad news for the fans of Brasilian thrash metal band Nervosa. Two of the members have decided to leave the band. Read more below.

It all started with an announcement from vocalist and bass player Fernanda Lira, who was with the band almost since the beginning, on social media late this Saturday. Her decision was followed by an announcement from drummer Luana Dametto, who joined the band in 2017, only three hours later. Besides personal reasons, both of them stated that the band didn’t feel like the right place for them for a while and the change was inevitable.

Fernanda Lira on her departure: “I thought I would be forever in this band that is my passion, but I decided that today my journey as a member of NERVOSA is over.” She explains that “the decision is personal and has nothing to do with being tired of touring, record label, or whatever!  My passion for the fans, for the music and for the road still lives intact within me and I will continue in metal with my new project (which also has nothing to do with this decision).”

Luana Dametto explaining her decision: “Overall, it’s time for me to move on. I believe that for everything we (people) work with, we need to put our hearts into it and do our best, and when the excitement is not the same anymore, for whatever reason it may be, I don’t think it would be honest to keep doing it anymore, it wouldn’t be honest with me, and neither with you, that has been following my trajectory. It’s not like I just decided that I wouldn’t like to be part of it anymore, of course, I have personal reasons and this is a tough decision, but these reasons will remain personal.” Thankfully, this isn’t the end of her musical career either: “I wanna make clear that I will absolutely not quit playing or anything like that, I’ve been playing for over 10 years now and it’s not in my life plans to stop, but I will move on, start a new project where I can put my heart, soul and ideals into it. I also wanna make clear that my new projects (the ones I started and the ones I will start) didn’t affect me in this decision or in the way I have been feeling about it. Everything is gonna be fine, every one of us will follow a different path that can make us happier.”

Both girls are very proud and thankful for what they’ve achieved with the band over the years. Fernanda says: “I will always look at my tattoo eternalized on my fist (with our logo) and into the past with great pride in what I built and was part of, and above all, very happy to have touched each of your hearts with my art.”

The sudden departures were also commented on by Nervosa founder, guitarist and backing vocalist Prika Amaral, who doesn’t plan on disbanding her “daughter”. “This was all expected, it was no surprise to me,” she admitted, “things hadn’t been going well for a long time and for many reasons.” She continued, ensuring fans this is definitely not the end of Nervosa: “In all these processes, I never thought of giving up because what makes me happy is making music and I love everything that comes with it: rehearsing, composing, recording, playing, traveling, etc … I gave up everything, really EVERYTHING for the band, and I don’t regret it and would do it all again. I will never give up because music for me is bigger than anything else!  It is what moves me, what gives me the strength to live. NERVOSA is a daughter that I raised and named and you don’t abandon your child.”

“I’m sure the other two girls will present good new work! From this situation the scene now has 2 bands formed only by women, so I think the balance is positive!” she ended her post on a positive note. We, as well, hope that Nervosa will be back to kicking ass as soon as possible, and Fernanda and Luana will introduce their new projects in no time.


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