Monochromatic Black set to release a debut record in May

American hardcore/progressive metal band Monochromatic Black is ready to drop their debut album. It’s titled “Pneuma” and comes out May 3. Read more details below.

Monochromatic Black is an American metal band from Long Island, New York, formed in January 2018 after the demise of past projects. The band’s official line-up consists of vocalist Tanya Beickert, guitarist John Gribbin and drummer Eddie DeCesare who have been veterans in the metal scene for over 15 years. Joining them on stage are guitarist Dan Rivera and bassist Arthur Erb to complete the 5-piece live group.

Their first music video and single “The Herd” was released in May 2018, followed by their second single “Phosphenes” in March 2019, both of which received an overwhelming positive response.

Monochromatic Black are releasing their debut album “Pneuma” on May 3 independently. The album features 6 tracks, including singles “Phosphenes” and “The Herd”. Fans can also get ready for behind the scenes footage as the band will be dropping a short documentary detailing the recording process of the album. The band promises extensive touring throughout 2019 – we’ll keep you updated about the dates. 


1. Degradation
2. Phosphenes
3. Visage
4. Dream Catcher
5. Warmth Of The Sun
6. The Herd