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Mortemia unveils new single feat. Madeleine Liljestam

Mortemia, gothic metal solo project of Sirenia’s mastermind Morten Veland, is back with a new single. The song is titled “The Enigmatic Sequel” and it features Madeleine Liljestam of Swedish symphonic metal act Eleine on vocals. 

“The Enigmatic Sequel” is the first single taken from upcoming Mortemia’s release “The Pandemic Pandemonium Sessions” – a series of singles featuring guest appearances from great singers and Veland’s friends. The material will be available on all digital platforms. More details to be announced. 

“The Pandemic Pandemonium Sessions” is the first new material since Mortemia’s debut full-length album “Misere Mortem” that came out in 2010. The project was on hiatus for 11 years, with Veland focusing on his main act Sirenia. 

Listen to the new track “The Enigmatic Sequel” featuring Eleine’s vocalist Madeleine Liljestam: 

Madeleine on the collaboration: “I was instantly hooked by the very charismatic chorus of this song and when I heard Morten’s growls as well, I was thrown into my roots of old school black metal, and it was a BIG YES for me when he asked if I wanted to do a guest performance on this song!”


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