Angelwings share new single “Fallen Angel Song”

Gibraltar-based melodic/symphonic metal band Angelwings the first single off of their upcoming sophomore album “Primordium”. Listen to “Fallen Angel Song” below.

Angelwings was born in April 2013 out of a group of experienced musicians that had been in the local music scene for some time. Initially, they got together to play covers from Finnish symphonic metal sensation Nightwish but soon, the band started writing their original material and became the first symphonic metal band from Gibraltar. Angelwings’ debut album “The Edge Of Innocence” arrived in June 2017.

The band has announced their second studio album “Primordium” to be released on June 18th, 2021. “Primordium” is a concept album that takes you on a journey all the way back to the very beginning of time. From the creation of life itself to one particular deep, dark myth. 

Vocalist Divi Cano on the first single “Fallen Angel Song”: “I wrote this song, not just because of my own struggles but for all of you who also struggle in life, which generally most of us do because life can be tough! So this is for my ‘fallen angels’, this song is for you! This song goes to US!”


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