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Single Review: Madame Neptune – “He Rises”

An experience derived of creative intuition and psychedelic experiences, embraced by a fascination for the occult, and an indulgence in the playful – that is Madame Neptune. A 2-piece concept project from Germany, Liss and Danny unveiled their single titled “He Rises” on February 28th, 2022 via YouTube that not only displayed their talents but, the combination of psychedelic and occult rock they embrace.

The video shows a peek of mind-altering visions, alongside the first meeting of the two entities known as Madame Neptune and Urok.

“While Madame Neptune, a gifted medium, struggles from her past, her devastating dreams and the urge to stop the wrong prophets and false fortunetellers, her own story seems to be a bit complicated and complex. Behind a wall of dark thoughts and translucent memories, lost feelings and melancholic pictures in her head, she is able to help people with her visions, but her past is an unsolvable puzzle. Urok also dreams. But all he can hear is Neptune´s voice – and he will follow this voice. His resurrection is led by a craving for independence, power and emotions. Once they meet, they´ll both will find something they did not want to find.”

Madame Neptune offers fans an immersive experience that creates a complex world of dark and mysterious characters, music, audio books, paintings and so much more. Within their live shows and exhibitions there is a mix of cabaret, rock, and other 70’s inspired elements to experience. The two talented members are not simply musicians but, skillful painters, sculptors, and free-roaming artists indulging in everything from photography to film. Their music, as well, holds empowering lyrics, and evokes a desire to not simply move but, dance.



The music video is fun, making you dance and sway along in its musical creation from the moment it begins. It is our first look at Madame Neptune and Urok alongside the rituals they embrace in order to conquer and discover the challenges that face them.

There is a gothic touch to a playful attitude that makes them both entertaining as well as intriguing not just in their movements but, in their sound and expression. The video is not overly complex, nor is the music itself, which allows for the full immersion in the story being unveiled before us.

Of course, this is but a short tease to a world that I simply cannot even fathom. What has been revealed, and what has yet to be revealed is still shrouded in fog. What awaits is unknown but, this small glimpse has provided more than enough of a sampling that has me waiting for more.

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