Mia Wallace returns to Abbath

February 10, bassist Mia Winter Wallace announced breaking news. After more than a year, she returns to Norwegian black metal band Abbath centered around  former Immortal guitarist and vocalist Abbath Doom Occulta.

This fact looks unbelievable after the very tense situation caused by her departure back in January 2020. Mia joined Abbath in 2019. He needed someone to replace the previous bass player, King ov Hell, and noticed Mia as an experienced musician being able to perfectly fit in the lineup. With Mia on bass, Abbath recorded their latest full-length album “Outstrider” in 2019. But then something went wrong. 

Mia has informed that right before the Outstrider 2020 European tour, she was called by Abbath’s manager and told she was no longer part of the band. Moreover, she was told not to contact anyone in the band. It seemed like there would be no future for her as Abbath’s bass player. 

Shortly after that, Mia announced she’s joining Brazilian thrash metal act Nervosa. In 2020, the band teased the fans with many photo shoots and backstage photos, and released a new album called “Perpetual Chaos” in early 2021.

Now, after all the changes in 2020, in Abbath’s words, “Hecate is back.”, so the fans can wait for more good music to come. 

You can watch Mia’s video biography below:

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