Follow The Cipher announce the departure of Linda Toni Grahn and release the new single

October, 30, Swedish band Follow The Cipher posted a statement saying their lead vocalist, Linda Tonigrahn, is leaving the band for good to pursue her own path in a new direction. As a last goodbye with Linda on vocals Follow The Cipher released a new song, “Rewind The Stars”. The new singer and the next plans of the band remain unknown.

You can read the statement below:

“It’s with a heavy heart that we write this. Linda has unfortunately decided to quit Follow The Cipher! We are of course really sad regarding this situation. With that written, we fully support her decision and there’s no bad blood between us. She’s a great and soulful person, and she’s been given the band vocal performances beyond this world. These shoes will surely be hard to fill.” 

Lindas own statement:

“It’s time for me to pass on the microphone to the next singer of Follow The Cipher. This wasn’t an easy choice for me. But I feel it is time for me to develop in a new direction. I want to thank all of the fans who have supported me and the band over the years! OMG, I LOVE YOU ALL! I wish that everybody could experience the feeling I’ve gotten from your support, your hugs and love! I feel so much for each and every one of you! I´M YOUR BIGGEST FAN! I also want to thank my colleagues and friends in Follow The Cipher! What a fantastic thing we did, eh? Pretty cool to have experienced this journey with you guys! I will always be a fan of Follow The Cipher and I´m looking so much forward to hear the new voice and their music in the future! And a BIG thank you to all the great people who work behind the scenes at festivals and tours. Without your hard work, there wouldn’t be any live music to enjoy. Also a big thank you to Nuclear Blast, it was a privilege for me to collab with your label! I am so grateful for your support over the years! “Lead and Fire” See you all soon!”

Watch the music video for “Rewind The Stars” here:

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