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Stinky- Struggle (Music Video)

French hardcore group Stinky unveils music video for “Struggle” off of their latest album “Of Lost Things”. Watch it below.

The French band Stinky – praised by Outburn for its “solid melodic hardcore/punk that employs notes of Sick Of It All, Parkway Drive and Comeback Kid” – has released a music video for the song “Struggle,” from their recently-released third album “Of Lost Things.” The clip – directed by Mathieu EZAN – can be seen here:

It is a take-no-prisoners song, with lyrics about strong themes such as emancipation and facing other’s judgment,” explains drummer Paul. “Not hiding yourself, not living in fear, staying true to yourself, not caring about what other people think about you. There’s a connection between this song and the music scene we evolve in, a scene which is not as benevolent as one would think. Musically, the song is a lot more metal-oriented, with really heavy, dark parts in it.

On the video: “For this new music video we asked the help of the ‘Bungalow Bunker’ who build part of the scenery for the “Hellfest Open Air.” No post-production effect was added, everything was homemade.”

Since their formation a decade ago, Stink has played more than 350 concerts across 15 different countries in support of their first two albums, 2015’s “Against Wind and Tide” and 2017’s “From Dead-End Street.” While the band’s name might seem curious to some, their music – a combustible mix of energy and aggression that the UK’s Midlands Metalheads Radio says “makes you feel like you can headbutt through a brick wall” – unquestionably passes the smell test.

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