About "Metal Goddesses".
Metal Goddesses Media Association (or simply MetalGoddesses.com) is an international group that was founded on May 24, 2017. “Metal Goddesses” was originally an Instagram fan page that turned into a blog on WordPress in October, 2017 but since October, 2018 it has officially been a news and media website/webzine with full of news, interviews, tour dates, albums, singles, music videos, photo galleries and other interesting content.
Today “Metal Goddesses” is one of the largest female metal websites with famous supporters and readers such as Michalina Malisz (Eluveitie), Federica Lanna (Sleeping Romance) and Maja Shining (Forever Still). “Metal Goddesses” is also one of the world’s largest female metal online community with over ten thousand members.
The website is run by three authors and two photographers from different countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, Germany and the United States.
Metal Goddesses Media Association has no feminist intentions. The women of metal music are extremely underrated and hated these days so the project’s main goal is to support and promote them.
IMG_20170915_002143 (2)
The cover image of “Metal Goddesses vol. 1”.

September, 2017: The group created the first “Metal Goddesses” playlist on Spotify, which is called “Pestilentia Metallum’s >>Metal Goddesses<< Playlist“. Later on they started a monthly playlist series.

October, 2017: The “Metal Goddesses” project launched a blog. This is a very important milestone of the project. “Metal Goddesses” became more than a fan page although the image of its social media pages remained the same.

December, 2017: The online activity of “Metal Goddesses” became seriously organized, which means its team started working on the project using plans and lists, making the project more diverse.

The first logo of the “Metal Goddesses” project. It features a photo of the former lead singer of Xandria, Manuela Kraller, and was created circa September, 2017.

January, 2018: Pestilence Metal Music and Art decided to change its name to “Metal Goddesses Media Association”. After the decision, the group immediately unpublished the WordPress site and the social media webpages of Pestilence Metal Music and Art.
A few days later the organization stopped using lists and plans and started focusing on its blog instead of social media.

mgma logo 1
An older logo of Metal Goddesses Media Association. It was created in February, 2018.

February, 2018: Metal Goddesses Media Association began working with the German Epic Moonlight Fotografie.
Veronika Valachová joined Metal Goddesses Media Association.

February 16, 2018: The Russian industrial metal band Conflict featured two of the “Metal Goddesses” Spotify playlists on their official website.

May 24, 2018: The “Metal Goddesses” project celebrated its first birthday.

June, 2018: “Metal Goddesses” launched the world’s only female metal Hall of Fame.

August, 2018: Giorgia Fedrigo and Diandra Koyro Camacho joined “Metal Goddesses”.

August 25-26, 2018: Valerie Schuster and John Faddis became the photographers of “Metal Goddesses”.

October 3, 2018: “Metal Goddesses” changed its domain name from goddessesofmetal.wordpress.com to metalgoddesses.com.

November 28, 2018: Giorgia Fedrigo parted ways with “Metal Goddesses”.

December 23, 2018: MetalGoddesses.com presented the very first “Metal Goddesses Awards”, which was featured on many social media community pages. “Metal Goddesses Awards 2018” became an important milestone in the history of “Metal Goddesses”.

January 12, 2019: MetalGoddesses.com announced the winners of “Metal Goddesses Awards 2018”.

March 8, 2019: The United States based Kristin Michel became the photographer of MetalGoddesses.com.

March 24, 2019: Cassandra Del Jardin joined Metal Goddesses Team.

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