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Album Review: Theatres des Vampires – In Nomine Sanguinis

Horror, creep and vampirism have always fascinated people and are also reflected in musical presentations, such as those performed by the Italian dark metal band Theatres des Vampires, founded 1994 in Rome. The band, which already shared the stage with Iron Maiden, Children of Bodom and In Flames, currently consists of singer Sonya Scarlet, Zimon Lijoi (bass) and Gabriel Valerio (drums). All band members share a strong fascination for vampires and everything related to them, which is expressed in their music, their lyrics and their stage appearances.

Theatres des Vampires has just released their 11th album, which is called „In Nomine Sanguinis“ (translated: „In the Name of Blood“). The album contains 10 new songs including the pre–released single „Christina“. Stylistically, the band’s music is difficult to classify. In any case, black–, gothic– and symphonic metal influences can be recognized, as well as modern elements such as dark electro sounds. If you prefer bands like Paradise Lost, Theatre of Tragedy, Type O Negative, The 69 Eyes or The Sisters of Mercy, then it is possible that you will also like Theatres des Vampires.

The longplayer opens with the creepy appearing „Death in Venice“.  Here it becomes clear what the listener can expect, namely a 40–minutes journey into a musical world of horror, musically gloomy but entertainingly presented by the Italian bats. It also can be revealed how Sonya’s charismatic voice fits in the performance of the band – a successful introduction that even increases expectations. Started with terrifying vocals, „Endless Darkness“ also knows how to please with its dense musical staging, good guitar work and the catchiness of the song. The flowing vocal lines ensure real listening pleasure; a really well done track with the characteristic elements of the band.

From my point of view, the single „Christina“ is one of the highlights of the record. The melodic, almost poppy sounding chorus went straight into my ears. The song tells the story of a tormented vampire that appears every night under the moonlight. „I imagined her dancing on her grave with sensual and horrific movements and the dark colors of the video really want to recreate this vampiric atmosphere“, Sonya tells. Also „The Void Inside“ is recommended: The song is comparatively a little quieter and provides a kind of variety. In a duet with her male counterpart, Sonya shows what a great, clear voice she actually has. Powerful riffs and worth hearing musical arrangements are offered by „Lady Bathory“, where Sonya shows her vocal spectrum, including some high notes and horrible screams.



The title track „In Nomine Sanguinis“ convinces with effectively built–in choirs and again with Sonya’s adaptable voice. Her chanting part sounds mysterious and kind of threatening – one of the most interesting passages of the whole album, at least in my opinion. „Golden Cage“ is also advisable, maybe because it appears to be quite poppy and the melody remains in my ears. It’s almost unnecessary to mention that Sonya shines with her vocal diversity. The finisher „Till the Last Drop of Blood“ is the album’s longest song and is once again pure entertainment. The newly recorded song is originally from the album „Bloody Lunatic Asylum“ (2001), the band’s black metal era. One last time Sonya goes to the top and puts her unique stamp on this song as well. An awesome end of a solid, atmospheric album by the Italian horror cult band.

In summary, of course, I have to honestly say that this kind of music is not for everyone. But anyone who has a preference for scary, theatrical vampire stuff, combined with dense orchestrations and electro sounds will be well served here. Sound and production are also okay, from my point of view there is nothing to complain about. It cannot be denied that Sonya Scarlet – with her presence and her voice, even if it is sometimes heavily distorted – makes up a large part of the fascination of Theatres des Vampires. If there is anything at all that I could criticize, it is the fact that I am missing an epic, excess length song, which can be expected in view of the musical concept of the band. Nevertheless, I surely like the album, it’s refreshingly different from what I usually listen to. After all, „In Nomine Sanguinis“ is worth 8.5/10 spooky points to me, while I hear the laughter of the vampires out of the darkness …

Release Date: November 19th, 2021
Label: Scarlet Records

Rating: 8.5/10

Track Listing:

1. Death in Venice

2. Endless Darkness

3. Christina

4. The Bride of Corinth

5. Lady Bathory

6. My Cold Heart

7. In Nomine Sanguinis

8. Golden Cage

9. The Void Inside

10. Till the Last Drop of Blood








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