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Album Review: Temperance – Diamanti

Few bands have succeeded in utilizing the full force of three vocalists. Amaranthe had shown such success but, could another really be out there? Cue, Temperance with Alessia Scolletti (Vocals), Michele Guaitoli (Vocals, Piano), and Marco Pastorino (Vocals, Guitar) with the accompaniment of Luca Negro (Bass, Guitar) and Alfonso Mocerino (Drums) from Italy. This 5-piece Symphonic Metal band was founded in 2013 and through a combination of folk, melodic, electronic, and heavy metal Temperance has forged a path that has been walked by few; releasing their newest album ‘Diamanti’ on November 19th, 2021.

“New Life Unfolds” debuted on YouTube with an official music video on September 7th, of 2021 and became a brilliant introduction to what this band is known for – powerful riffs, delicate orchestration, and epic vocals. Michele and Alessia perform a perfectly synchronized duet, bringing their own unique sounds into a natural harmony. It’s a light track that calls you forward to take up the journey that is ‘Diamanti’, and you are willed to answer. Originally written to be 7 minutes long, 2 years prior, the teamwork of Temperance started with Marco’s listen, who saw its potential and helped to edit it into the elegance we hear today.



“Breaking the Rules of Heavy Metal” is the second track off the album and has an anthem-like feel. With lyrics like “staying up all night, then moving on. Metal is for all, we’re a union,” that beg you to sing along as loud as you can. There is no lack of musical prowess in this track either. Powerful lyrics are matched by power-metal level riffs that are similar to older tracks like “The Last Hope in a World of Hopes”; with crushing drums that carry this song into your brain so that you’re humming along to it day and night.

Title track “Diamanti” starts out with sorrowful pianos and head-swaying beats before targeting vocal acoustics with elegance and pride. It’s a chance to showcase the unique harmony of Alessia, Michele, and Marco in their native tongue and it is executed beautifully. Backing symphonies add a level of heaviness without taking away from any of the lyrical expression; letting the chorus flow from your ears and onto your tongue until you wear you’ve been speaking Italian for years. It’s a bold, yet intricate track that displays the range of talent in Temperance with great detail and definitive grace.




The fourth track, “Black is My Heart” jumps right into the deep end with heaviness. Alessia’s vocals are commanding and strong, soaring high above the music, swirling it beneath her wings to uplift her while Michele and Marco provide accompaniment. It’s the melodic track we expect without pulling in one direction or another. It is balanced, exquisite, and perfectly refined.

“Litany of the Northern Lights” is folky, with bagpipes coming in with their classic melody, calling attention to all those nearby. It’s a fairytale beginning to an ocean-tale that preaches caution, bravery, and the call to adventure without hesitation. A vivid, story-song that’s hard not to put on repeat all by itself.

“You Only Live Once” and “I the Loneliness” are both gentle and solid centrally placed tracks with the 3-piece vocal ensemble strengthened by progressive guitars and hammering drums. Deep bass creates the perfect pattern to follow along for the talented bunch that aids in creating memorable and favourable tracks across the entire metal scene.

Following songs like “Codebreaker” add a modernized sound to the album while still adding in subtle notes of symphony and epic melody to compliment the overall vibe of the digitized story track.

“The Night Before The End” is a heavy track with loud, dreamy symphonies and head-banging drum work. The orchestration of this track truly provides the perfect companion to Alessia’s vocal start, calling us once more into a new adventure that we cannot ignore. It’s the epic score you expect to hear before you and your comrades board your vessel and traverse treacherous waters. Will you come home? You’re unsure. All you know is that this is the path you must take.

“Fairy Tales for The Stars” carries the same dream-like notes of the previous track but, a touch higher to offer a tranquil shadow to the foreboding journey ahead. This ballad is a lighter-raising track that makes you root for some unseen hero so he may return home or succeed in rescuing his one true love from the clutches of evil.

“Let’s Get Started” is poppy and fun, signaling the catchy undertones that Temperance likes to hold. Despite the pop-like feel, this is still the melodic metal vibe we love, keeping rock and roll riffs at the center so you’re shoulder-dancing and hopping along from beginning to end.

“Follow Me” is the end of the 12-track sequence and pulls together the symphonic feel in a decadent display of vocals while maintaining a power-metal orchestration making you tape your foot even when you’re sitting down. Whether you’re chasing a Dragon, storming the Gate, or sailing home, you can see a story with this song, and it fits whatever your imagine can conjure up.

This album is well-rounded and a tug at the heartstrings for fans of Symphonic and Melodic Metal. Following the curtails of 2020’s ‘Viridian’ release with popular tracks like “My Demons Can’t Sleep”, ‘Diamanti’ stands out brilliantly, like the precious gem it truly is. My preference goes to the first few tracks off this album with the classic symphonic sounds rather than the newer tracks, like “Codebreaker” or “Follow Me”. My favourites go to “Diamanti” for its exquisite composition and “Litany of the Northern Lights” for its folky, fairytale vibes that simply make me want to dance and sing in some Forest realm by firelight.

Release Date: November 19th, 2021

Label: Napalm Records

Rating: 7/10

Track Listing:
1.) Pure Life Unfolds
2.) Breaking the Rules of Heavy Metal
3.) Diamanti
4.) Black is My Heart
5.) Litany of the Northern Lights
6.) You Only Live Once
7.) I the Loneliness
8.) Codebreaker
9.) The Night Before The End
10.) Fairy Tales for The Stars
11.) Let’s Get Started
12.) Follow Me
13.) Diamanti (German)
14.) Diamanti (English)
15.) Diamanti (Spanish)
16.) Diamanti (French)






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