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Cobra Spell welcomes a new vocalist

Hard rock/heavy metal group Cobra Spell welcomes Kristina Vega as their official member on vocal duties.

Founded by guitarist Sonia Anubis (ex-Crypta, ex-Burning Witches) and Sebastian Silva (Unto Others),  Cobra Spell released their debut EP “Love Venom” in September 2020. The songs paint a glistening image of night-life fun, reckless lust and sleazy love. “Love Venom” is an EP driven with many shred guitar parts, hook infused vocals and thunder-like rhythm sections. Encouraged by many positive reviews, the band jumped into the studio to craft their second EP “Anthems Of The Night”, released in late 2021.

Fast forward to April 2022, Sonia Anubis shifts all of her focus on her more and more popular 80’s influenced band and decides to part ways with death metallers Crypta. Cobra Spell embarks on a Spanish/Portuguese tour, on which their soon-to-be permanent vocalist, Barcelona-based singer Kristina Vega, fills in for the former voice of the band, Alexx Panza.

“After learning all of our songs in less than a week, stepping in on our latest tour straight away and delivering nothing but the very best; excellent vocals, mind-blowing performance and pure companionship. We are extremely thankful, lucky and proud to have her in our band. She really completes the band and is exactly the person we needed in the line-up,” welcomed Cobra Spell their new member through social media following the announcement of Alexx’s departure on April 30. “Since COBRA SPELL recently became the main priority for the majority of the band, and Alexx can not commit to the current needs of the band, it is the best decision for both parties to split ways,” explained the band.

Kristina comments: “Thank you COBRA SPELL for trusting me for this position as singer! For me it’s a huge privilege sharing the stage with these impressive talented musicians. I think the band is incredible and I am sure that I can bring in what the band needs. I really feel like I fit in the band, like it was meant to be. We are ready to take over the world!! Yeahh!!” 

As the band states, “Kristina has a wide range when it comes to her singing style and a really fresh understanding in melody, which will offer us a lot of cool new options for the future COBRA SPELL music, this truly excites us a LOT!” Next to her rich studio and live experience, Kristina is also a metal vocal coach in Barcelona. You can watch Kristina in action performing “Poison Bite” with Cobra Spell in Lisboa, Portugal a few nights ago in the following video: 

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