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Album review: Freakstorm – Storm Inside My Heart

Started as a tribute project, the Gummersbach, Germany located hardrock band Freakstorm has steadily developed and worked its way up. The band consists mainly of singer Sinah Meier and drummer Olli Fuchs, who work together with alternating musicians such as Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia/Hartmann) or Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69/Helloween).

Their musical path began in 2016 with an impressive cover version of Halestorm’s song „Here’s To Us“. They even met their idols personally and introduced the song to them. After this event, Sinah and Olli were motivated to write and record their own songs, which turned out to be a good decision.

The first EP „We Got The Fire“ was recorded in 2018 and followed by EP „From Zero“ in 2019. They began to work with producer Dennis Ward, who already cooperated with well-known bands like Helloween. He supported Freakstorm to develop a rich rock sound, a strong foundation for Sinah’s powerful and clear voice.

On August 27th, 2021 the first full-length album „Storm Inside My Heart“ was published. It was high time for me to listen to this work a little more closely. The album offers 9 songs and is quite short with a total playing time of 33 minutes. However, the fact that an album is convincing not with its length but with its content can be seen here as an example.

The opener „Storm Inside My Heart“ is the first highlight of the album. Without experiments, but with joy in playing and a brisk rhythm, this melodic and straightforward song already offers a summary of an album that really put me in a good mood.

The song is followed by „Wicked”, a melodic, straight rock song with a catchy chorus and well-done guitar work. Sinah, who also writes the lyrics, shows her vocal skills here. This song is, without a doubt, one of my favorites. „Unbreakable Tonight” is also a fast-paced rock song with great hook lines and musical arrangements, especially the lively guitars. With „Not The One”, Sinah shows that her voice is also made for ballads. She sounds so breathtakingly vulnerable, and her beautiful voice comes into full effect. Another peak of the album!

Speaking of highlights: yes, „Can’t Keep Me Down” also belongs to them. Equipped with an addictive chorus and awesome riffs, this song made me happy for hours and hours…

„Shot Down In Flames” is a cover version, recorded by AC/DC originally in 1979. If you consider that it’s not easy to cover a classic that AC/DC recorded with the legendary Bon Scott, then Freakstorm does it really well with a lot of joy in playing, Sinah’s dedicated vocals and great guitar work that actually sounds like AC/DC. The driving beat of „Out Of The Door” is followed by „Nothing”, the penultimate song of the album with Sinah’s cheeky vocals.

The bonus cover version of Halestorm’s „Here’s To Us” is closing the record. Sinah’s singing is beautifully sensitive but also powerful in places. It’s an impressively interpreted song, which Halestorm should have been happy about.

All in all, I heard an excellent debut album by an aspiring and talented German band that will definitely make a lot more of itself. Their lyrics about human relationships and bonds (“Storm Inside My Heart”), as well as topics such as a positive attitude towards life (“Unbreakable Tonight”), and coping with past experiences (“Can’t Keep Me Down”, “Not The One”) can reach a wider audience. If you expect hard metal sounds with roaring guitars and grunting voices, this is the wrong place. Instead, those will be satisfied who expect melodic, decent hard rock with an outstanding, clear, female voice. Straightforward songs with catchy melodies, that are embedded in powerful drives and riffs, form the basic structure of Freakstorm. In any case, there is a crystal clear recommendation from me.


Release date: August 27, 2021
Label: Major Promo Music
Rating: 9/10

1. Storm Inside My Heart
2. Wicked
3. Unbreakable Tonight
4. Not The One
5. Can’t Keep Me Down
6. Shot Down In Flames (AC/DC cover)
7. Out Of The Door
8. Nothing
9. Here’s To Us (bonus track, Halestorm cover)

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