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Live review: Winds And Woods Meet Metal Festival DAY 1 (Leipzig, DE) – August 27, 2021

It was sometime in June or July when Janika Groß from the Operatic Metal band Molllust invited me via Facebook to this year’s edition of the Winds and Wood meet Metal Festival. It is a small 2-day festival in Leipzig that brought together several European Metal bands of different styles. I attended 2020 edition as well, so I knew I was up to something good.

Originally it was planned as an outdoor event, but the weather screwed these plans, and everything was relocated indoors, which meant extra work for the Hellraiser crew. Big shout out and thanks to the band members of Molllust and the operators of Hellraiser, who worked tirelessly to make this happen.

I arrived at Leipzig early and met some familiar faces waiting in line. Not long after, the doors opened, and shortly afterwards, I had the pleasure to meet Viktorie Surmova, vocalist of Czech/Faroese Metal band Surma before even the first band had started. But she wasn’t there with Surma. She arrived as a special guest for a Czech band named Cruadalach.

Cruadalach kicked off the event with a show full of energy. Their style can be described as a mixture of Folk Metal, Melodic Groove Metal and Metalcore. The vocals are more Metalcore, but the use of different flutes and violins brings folk elements to the table. A very energetic and interesting mixture, indeed. Moreover, several songs were spiced up with guest vocals of Viktorie. The setlist consisted of songs like “Eyes Wide Open”, “Relationshit”, “Shiva”, “Rebel Against Me”, and “Earth Café”. All in all a 12 piece musical firework, and the audience really liked it.

After a changeover, it was time for Ally the Fiddle to enter the stage. Some of you may know her as the violinist of Subway to Sally. Unfortunately, her bandmates couldn’t make it, and their parts were played digitally. And to add to this, her performance was cut short due to technical problems. Luckily, Ally made up for the trouble with her humour. The songs she played are more relaxing, beautiful to listen to, though!

Next up was Munarheim, a Symphonic Black Metal Band from Germany with mostly male vocals and female background vocals. It rarely happens that I am impressed by a band with male vocals. But damn, Munarheim did impress me! The vocals are harsh with clear Black Metal influences, and the orchestration blends Symphonic elements with those of heavier styles. The flutes with the female background vocals here and there bring the most melodic and soft elements to the music. The audience was definitely diggin’ it! And so was I, especially the songs “Ruhelos” and “Sei Du das Licht”.

After the last changeover of the day, it was upon Dalriada to enter the stage. Dalriada is a Folk Metal band from Hungary and was formed under a different name back in 1998. The elements of traditional Hungarian accordion music blended perfectly with fast Metal elements. Even though I did not understand a single word, as their songs were all in Hungarian, I enjoyed the show a lot. And so did the other spectators. As songs like “Napom, Fényes Napom” came forth, it felt like it was party time. One could almost dance to the songs, and all in all, it was really fun to watch and listen to Dalriada’s passionate performance. But after the 9th song, the show came to an end and when the band came out after the show to meet up with the fans, the first day of Winds and Wood meet Metal Festival concluded.

DAY 2 review coming soon… 

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