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Myrkur – Bonden og Kragen (Music Video)

Danish composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Amalie Bruun, better known to the metal audience as Myrkur, presents her reinterpretation of a traditional Danish folk song “Bonden og Kragen” (The Farmer and the Crow). Watch the video with a song below.

The single is taken from Myrkur’s new 2-track EP “Juniper” that came out December 7. “Bonden og Kragen” is a folk song and jocular ballad known widely all over Scandinavia,  dating back to around 1600. Besides the Danish version, Norwegian, Faroese and Swedish variants of the song are known, some of them using even other melodies. One of the Norwegian variants, “Kråkevisa”, can be heard on symphonic metal band Leaves’ Eyes’ album “Meredead”.

Myrkur commented on the song: “The tale features a peasant/farmer who ventures into the woods and shoots a crow. A local bishop gets word of this and demands to know what the peasant will use the dead crow for. Back then, the Church would take from the farmers and they were not fully allowed to own their livestock and crops. In response, the peasant starts making up a very long and unrealistic list of every part of the crow that he will use as a way refusing a tribute.”