“New album is a huge step forward in our career.” – Interview with Nicoletta Rosellini of Kalidia

I won’t beat around the bush and say it as it is; I’m not a big fan of power metal. Never was, never will be… At least that’s what I thought until recently when I came across an Italian melodic power metal band Kalidia. Spinning their song “Frozen Throne” for the first time, I was a bit sceptical. Now, looking back to the past seven weeks since its release, I can say that the frontwoman Nicoletta Rosellini and Kalidia boys got me hooked and I listen to the song on a daily basis. With a new Kalidia album on the horizon, I wanted to get inside the head of the lady that bewitched me with her stunning vocal performance, hoping she might, with our assistance, bewitch you as well. Please, enjoy the following interview with Nicoletta Rosellini, the vocalist of Kalidia, Walk In Darkness and Vivaldi Metal Project.

MG: First of all, thank you, Nicoletta, for the chat. Let’s start with your musical background. You used to take piano lessons as a child and started singing at a very young age. You first sought the help of a professional singing teacher when you were 17. Are you still taking lessons? What’s the most important thing you learned?

Nicoletta: Thanks for this interview! I had my first singing lessons at 17 when I joined the high school choir, and I also attended a few breathing lessons. But I began my professional training only after the release of our first album. I hope the improvement can be noticed! I’ve learned how to properly control my voice and how to sing in a safe way, in order to preserve my voice for many, many years to come 😉

MG: Every singer has inspirations and someone they look up to. What singers/bands shaped your vocal style and the music Kalidia plays? Who influenced you the most?

Nicoletta: Speaking about my inspirations, I will mention my three favorite singers: Roy Khan, Fabio Lione and Russell Allen. Their voices really inspired me a lot. Kalidia music is inspired by classic power metal acts like Hammerfall, Stratovarius, Rhapsody but we also like new power metal bands like Beast in Black.

MG: Earlier this year, Kalidia signed a deal with Inner Wound Recordings and your new album „The Frozen Throne“ is coming out November 23. Congratulations! Such a busy year for you! What are your feelings? You all surely must be proud of what you achieved this year.

Nicoletta: We are really proud. It was a long process to arrange and record this album, but in the end, we are 100% satisfied with the results. We can’t wait to release it, and we hope you will like it as much as we do 😊

MG: Let’s talk about „The Frozen Throne“ a bit. It’s your second studio album. Compared to your debut „Lies’ Device“, which was released in 2014, what’s different? What can fans expect this time?

Nicoletta: It’s a huge step ahead, compared to “Lies’ Device”. Better production, better arrangements and bombastic sound. The songs are still melodic and catchy as in the first album, but there are more hit songs in this album.

MG: I’m curious what motives and themes are you dealing with on „The Frozen Throne“ lyrically? Since you‘re the main lyricist of the band, what are your favourite things to write about?

Nicoletta: The title “The Frozen Throne” and the last song “Queen of the Forsaken” are inspired by the video games of Warcraft, but this is not a concept album. Besides those songs, the other songs are about mythology (“Amethyst”, “Orpheus”, “Lotus”) and personal experiences (“Go Beyond”, “To The Darkness I Belong”). There is also a pirate song!

MG: Do you feel like this album could be the breaking point for Kalidia? I think that the first single „Frozen Throne“ attracted a lot of fans and received very positive feedback.

Nicoletta: I hope so. As I said before, this is a huge step forward in our career, and the first songs were really appreciated. So we keep our fingers crossed!

MG: The song was inspired by a Warcraft character Arthas. How did this come together? What’s so special about this character that spoke to you and made you dedicate it a song?

Nicoletta: I used to play a lot of Warcraft III and World of Warcraft. The story really caught my attention. A paladin that was trying to save his homeland got corrupted and became a legendary evil creature. The story is really more complicated, I suggest the book “Arthas – Rise of the Lich King” by Christie Golden if you are interested in his story.

MG: And what about touring? You have some home shows planned for the rest of 2018. Are you going to hit the road in 2019 more extensively to promote your new material?

Nicoletta: We already have several shows/festivals confirmed for 2018 and 2019 in Italy, and we are working on a Euro tour for 2019. We’d love to play as much as we can to promote this album!

MG: This year, you joined Vivaldi Metal Project – a symphonic metal opera based on Antonio Vivaldi’s work „The Four Seasons“. How does it feel to be involved in such a huge project?

Nicoletta: It’s a great privilege for me to be on stage with such an amazing cast of musicians. The two shows we did, for now, were magical and I can’t wait to do more in 2019!

MG: You‘re also associated with a mysterious gothic metal band Walk In Darkness. I really like the concept of the whole project and the message it sends. Could you maybe describe it from your perspective, as an insider, to the fans who have never heard of Walk In Darkness and its philosophy?

Nicoletta: Walk in Darkness are a gothic metal band describing the modern human condition and the fate of mankind, sometimes also epic themes, like ancient marvellous cities like Alexandria or Rome. The band prefers to stay in the darkness and not reveal their identities in order to focus the listener on the music and their message.

MG: Besides music, what are your other passions? You’re a veterinary medicine student, you clearly like gaming… What else? What has a special place in your heart?

Nicoletta: I graduated as Veterinarian a few weeks ago! Besides that and gaming, I also love steampunk and medieval. Actually, I’m a reenactress in both fields! I’m also food/beer/wine enthusiast.

MG: To finish our interview, speaking of the women in the metal scene, who do you feel is terribly underrated and deserves more recognition? Would you like to give a shout out to any of your female colleagues – singers or musicians?

Nicoletta: Federica Lanna and her band, Sleeping Romance. We had the chance to meet a few months ago, and she has such a voice!

MG: Well, thank you very much, Nicoletta. It was a pleasure. Any last words to our readers and your fans?

Nicoletta: Thank you so much for this interview, it was my pleasure! Stay updated on Kalidia next steps on our social pages and site! Rock on!

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