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Lzzy Hale celebrates women in a new collaboration with The HU

Lzzy Hale, vocalist of American rock band Halestorm, is featured on the new version of The Hu’s “Song of Women”. The song was originally released on Mongolian rock band’s 2019 debut album “The Gereg”. Watch the video below.

Lzzy Hale, who is known for raising awareness and fighting for women’s rights, says: “Months ago I was approached by Mongolian Rock Titans The Hu. They asked me to take their existing song “Song Of Women” and write a unique, separate song in my own language and melody on top of it. This was the most amazing and spiritual collaboration I’ve ever been involved in. Thank you so much to The HU for having faith in me and my passions. This song is a reminder of who the Alpha and Omega is… everything begins and ends with a woman.“

This version featuring Lzzy Hale will be available on the deluxe version of  “The Gereg” out July 10th.

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