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Chaos Rising release new single “Cost Of Inaction”

International all-female metal collective Chaos Rising drops their biggest release to date! Listen to the “Cost Of Inaction” below.

“Cost Of Inaction” is a brutal death track featuring the killer team of Alessio Rio (Murge), Luana Dametto (Crypta), Francesca Mancini (Sudden Death), Stephanie Nolf (Unsafe, Syrinx) and Tina Gruschwitz (Demorphed).

Founded by French multi-instrumentalist Stéphanie Nolf, Chaos Rising is a unique concept that brings together female metal musicians from across the globe. Since 2019 the project has gone from strength to strength, with sixteen monthly song releases across metal subgenres.

“Cost Of Inaction” is the girls’ heaviest song yet, composed by founder Stéphanie and featuring a blistering solo by Italy’s Francesca Mancini, the phenomenal drumming skills of Brazil’s Luana Dametto, and jaw-dropping growls from up-and-coming Swiss vocalist Alessio Rio (Murge, Tzitzimime).

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