Song challenge

Song challenge – Jennie Nord (Rave The Reqviem, Aligned)


Jennie Nord is a Gothenburg-based vocalist. In 2020, she joined a Swedish industrial/electro metal hybrid Rave The Reqviem under the title The Sister Svperior Of The Chvrch Of RTR. The band is famous for their fearless blend of metal and electronic music with catchy choruses and majestic symphonies. Last year in December, the act released their fourth offering “Stigmata Itch” featuring  popular singles “I Bring The Light” and “Phantom Pain”. Besides being one of the voices for Rave The Reqviem, Jennie also sings in a melodic atmospheric metal unit Aligned and works as a photographer and digital creator. Aligned’s brand new EP “Memories of a Dying Place” is dropping later this month, so don’t miss it! And check Jennie’s response to our song challenge below. 

A song that changes your sad mood to happy: The Donnas – Take It Off
  • “A kickass song with lots of energy that instantly puts your mood and mind ready to take on the world again.”

A song you would like to have as your national anthem:  Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
  • “No explanation needed. Who wouldn’t wanna live in a country where this was the national anthem. Sign me up!” 

Favourite slow song: The Siren – Graveyard 
  • “Most slow songs can be quite depressive. Not this one. This one is filled with passion! Just listen to the vocals! Stunning.”

A song from a band whose t-shirt you own: Ghost – Dance Macabre 
  • “What a fantastic song that also comes with a really cool music video! Ghost is one of my favorite bands, so it’s really hard to just choose one song. I like this one however, since it always leaves me in a great mood.”

A well-known metal song you would like to hear with Rave The Reqviem’s electronic twist:  Slipknot – Unsainted
  • “This song has a lot of elements to it that would suit a RTR song quite well, I think. Since we have three different types of vocals in RTR, it would be quite fun to see how that would turn out!”

Favourite song from your latest album “Stigmata Itch”: Holy Homicide
  • “I would have to say “Holy Homicide”. When Filip (The Prophet) played me all the songs on piano, “Holy Homicide” really stood out. The chorus is super catchy and the intro riff is just heavenly!”

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