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STELL/\RIS – Dust Of Future (Music Video)

Prague-based metallers STELL/\RIS have dropped their second single “Dust Of Future”. Watch the video below.

STELL/\RIS is a metal band, established in 2019 in Prague, perceptibly influenced on metalcore roots. This five piece band will take you on the journey without any musical boundaries, based on heavy guitars, intense grooves and wide-range vocals of the frontwoman Nicol. In 2020, band released their very first music video single “Find Your Course” which immediately got attention both in Czech republic, as well as abroad. Watching and focusing on their first debut album release, main goal for the band remains original music creation alongside with the ecstatic energy hitting everyone on the shows.

The band now unveils their second single “Dust Of Future”. They comment: “In a dust of future. That’s exactly the place where we end up if we play this dangerous game – a game with our lives, the lives of our loved ones and those whose voices cannot be heard. Consumer lifestyle, eternal greed, speciesism, arrogance or indifference to everything and everyone are just a small slices of the definition of “modern man”. But we are all in this together. It’s up to us whether we find that shard of kindness and empathy in our hearts and try to improve the world around us, or let ourselves to be swept away by the crowd and feed that destructive flame that will eventually burn everything we have ever take care of.” 

STELL/\RIS on the video: “The music video for the song Dust of Future was filmed in a post-apocalyptic mood on purpose to fit the main idea of the song’s lyrics – „Don’t play this game. You’ll end up in a dust of future.“ Band shots are intersected takes of our singer Nicol, which shows problems of today – consumer life, pollution, problems with waste or animal cruelty. But Nicol sees these problems only through virtual reality, because there is no way out from our mistakes we´ve made, and there is nothing left at this time. We’ve lost…”

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