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Stellaris – Find Your Course (Music Video)

Hailing from the City of a Hundred Spires, melodic metalcore four-piece Stellaris presents their kickass debut single “Find Your Course”. Watch the music video below.

Stellaris is a Prague-based melodic metalcore band. The current members are Nicol – vocalist, Milpi – guitarist, Pedro – bassist and Jamie – drummer. Even though they hit the stage at the beginning of this year, they are working hard on their skills and music, and that is why Stellaris decided to shoot a video clip. “And this is only the beginning of our story,” says the band.

Stellaris on their debut single: “Find Your Course is about the never-ending journey of searching for the right direction of our lives. That is why we used a compass in a video, which is supposed to symbolize a tool for finding our way. You can find a lot of metaphors in the lyrics so everyone can find their own meaning of the song.”


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