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Enemy Inside – Crystallize (Music Video)

Germany’s dark rock/modern metal band Enemy Inside presents a music video for their new single titled “Crystallize”. Watch it below.

Enemy Inside was formed in 2017 out of Aschaffenburg, Germany by Nastassja Giulia (vocals) and Evan K (guitar), who through wide ranging musical experimentation found their own unique sound – somewhere between “Dark Rock” and “Modern Metal“. The music strikes a catchy, mystical chord as the powerful female lead vocals are intertwined with aggressive arrangements and catchy hooks.

The band now presents a brand new single “Crystallize” taken from their upcoming second studio album. Vocalist Nastassja comments: “Isolation has left everyone afraid, stuck and frozen. Lethargy made our bones weak and our hearts tired. We feel unconscious, powerless and numb. This isn’t a life, this is hibernating. Breathe us back to life, ’cause we’re numb inside. Heat us up inside ’cause we’ve crystallized.”

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