Manuela Kraller announces a solo project

Manuela Kraller, best known as a former vocalist of symphonic metal band Xandria, has announced a solo project called Alanae. You can listen to the first Alanae music, a beautiful cover of “Scarborough Fair”, below.

Kraller started her musical career in a Swiss band Nagor Mar and as one of the live soprano vocalists of German symphonic metal band Haggard from 2008 to 2010. The vocalist joined Xandria in 2010 and recorded one studio album with them titled “Neverworld’s End”, released in 2012. She parted ways with them a year later to pursue a different career. Since her departure from Xandria, Kraller has been working with a piano/synth player Tobias Gut on a duo project called Valkea Valo. The music of this project is described as a wide range of styles including pop/rock, indie, classic and even electronic and orchestral influences. Besides Valkea Valo, Manuela has contributed to Dark Sarah’s album trilogy “The Chronicles”, portraying a character of Fate on the first two albums.

Today, Manuela announced the name of her new solo project, as well as her new artist name. From now on, Kraller will be known as Alanae. She explains: “This is not only the name of my solo project but also my future „artist name“. So I will use it more and more instead of Manuela Kraller. As I break new ground, I thought it’s time for a new name.” And what does Alanae stands for? Kraller says that it “has no special no special meaning nor is it a special language.” She continues: “It came up to my mind when I was already half-asleep. And I immediately felt that this is the right name…”

Kraller is currently searching for an arranger to orchestrate the first Alanae songs, hoping fans will hear the end result before Christmas time. Searching for an arranger, she hinted a musical direction her new project will be taking:  “It shall be someone who is experienced in soundtrack/score, symphonic music and who includes piano and also celtic instruments in his sound.”

The first song she released under the name “Alanae” is a cover of a traditional English ballad “Scarborough Fair”. You can listen to it below.