Tour Dates

Battle Beast: No More Hollywood Endings European Tour 2019

Finnish heavy/power metal act Battle Beast reveals the first touring leg for next year! The band is currently recording their fifth studio album and its release means an extensive touring to present it live to fans all around the world. The band will take over Europe with more than 30 shows first, starting in Germany. You can check all the dates on the poster below.

“Battle Beast has created itself a shiny new skin and we’re showing it off with pride. With music more theatrical and empowering than ever before, we’re taking our listeners to brand new emotional and musical landscapes. This will be an adventure that just needs to be experienced live!” comments vocalist Noora Louhimo.

The support band on this tour will be modern power metal band Arion. “Arion is one of our absolute favourite new bands with a great future ahead of them. It’s an honour for us to be able to take these guys on their first big tour!” adds Louhimo.