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Temtris – Race To The End (Music Video)

Australian metallers release a music video for “Race To The End” off of their new album “Ritual Warfare”. Watch it below.

When Sydney, Australia was put in lockdown the Temtris crew had their tour of the latest album release “Ritual Warfare” cut in half. Instead of wasting time they pushed forward and decided to make a clip for the powerhouse opening track “Race to the End”.

Putting together the idea of filming each member playing the song on a green screen in their own home and piecing the footage together to make this killer track available for all metalheads to enjoy!

This track has been a favourite of radio stations around the world and with lyrics we can all relate too about life and time. It’s a fast paced track with a dynamic bolt of Power/Speedmetal with a big catchy chorus and riffs that will stick in your head.

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