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Ignea feat. Ersedu – Mermaids (Music Video)

Ukrainian melodic metallers ignea share a music video for their new single “Mermaids” in collaboration with a symphonic death metal project Ersedu. Watch it below.

The song is taken from “BESTIA”, a concept EP about the human nature of Ukrainian mythological creatures and the world’s duality. In Ukrainian, BESTIA (Ukr. «бестія») means both a savage beast and a mischievous person. This is a split record that consists of songs by two Ukrainian bands — IGNEA and ERSEDU — and is a result of their 10-year friendship.

“Bestia” will be out on all streaming platforms on October 21, 2021, as well as on digipak CD and vinyl. The physical formats will also contain “The symphony of Bestia” — a mix of orchestral arrangements used in the five songs from the EP.  For more info on the EP, click here.

“Mermaids”, which features both bands, is a song about Ukrainian mavkas (sirens) who cannot find their place anywhere: neither on the shore nor in the waters. Just like humans, they are bored when their life is in balance, and they’re trapped in the problems that they create on their own. One of the ways to entertain themselves is collecting people and transform them into pearls, which was the fate of two travellers from the video. ‘Because all the pearls and treasures are here, under mermaids’ hair the essence of being.’

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