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Live review: Jinjer (Moscow, RU) – September 10, 2021

When Jinjer announced the Russian leg of the Macro tour in 2020, I wasn’t sure it would happen. Yet, I still bought the tickets. After the gig in Moscow was rescheduled to 2021, I got even more doubts. I almost lost all hope I would attend a concert of a foreign band this year when the concert agency announced that the show would actually happen in a Covid-free format.

I was afraid that the entry to the club would be long and complicated because of all the things with the IDs and QR codes, but, luckily, I was wrong. The show was, surprisingly, well organized.

The supporting act was a Russian black metal band Morokh. They did pretty well and seemed different from any other typical black metal bands. First of all, no corpse paint, spikes and leather clothes (the drummer even had a pink cap). Second, pretty good sound quality. And a short-haired vocalist singing at the forefront, plus a cool girl on bass. Guess I should visit their next solo concert at the end of the year.

But, of course, nothing could be compared to Jinjer appearing on stage. The audience, happy to have a first live show in a couple of months, and the band, looking enthusiastic and ready to blow minds, created the perfect atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. Tatiana, smiling happily, was dancing all over the stage, drawing figures in the air. She showed herself as an excellent frontwoman able to keep the attention of the audience. Roman, Eugene and Vlad seemed very concentrated yet satisfied with the response of the crowd.

The setlist was mostly comprised of the songs from “Macro” and “Wallflowers”, almost ignoring the earlier albums. I can understand that; songs from “Macro” haven’t been played in Moscow before because of the rescheduling of the show. People were happy to see their favourite band and greeted every song with applause and cheers. But the crowd literally exploded when “Retrospection” began to play, and they could sing such familiar words along with Tatiana.

The overall show left a very good impression; the band of highly qualified professionals and the happy people around. What can be better?

Setlist: 1. On the Top 2. Pit of Consciousness 3. I Speak Astronomy 4. Disclosure! 5. Judgement (& Punishment) 6. Sleep of the Righteous 7. Ape 8. Retrospection 9. Perennial 10. Wallflower 11. Teacher, Teacher 12. As I Boil Ice 13. Mediator 14. Home Back 15. The Prophecy Encore:

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